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What is dragon naturally speaking support?
Dragon Naturally Speaking Support allows you to dictate documents, search the Internet and send Emails, reports and spreadsheets from your computer, quickly and accurately, just by using your voice.
With dragon naturally support system, Thoughts become words instantly so you can do more in less time, and with 99% accuracy.

What are features of dragon naturally speaking support?
The following features of Dragon naturally speaking support are:

• Higher productivity
Dragon Premium takes control by voice one step further. it has improved features that allow greater precision and speed in the realization of documents, email messages, Internet searches and much more, both in the office and at school , at home or wherever you go. Play this short demo to see the fastest voice recognition solution in action right now.

• Check listening The conversion of text to speech with natural sound or audio reproduction of your own dictations facilitates and speeds up the review. Create reports, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. We can Dictate, modify and format the documents using Microsoft and other known applications, just with the voice, exactly the way you need, with lists of custom words and commands.

• Control your email and your calendar Dictate, modify and send messages from your favorite web-based email accounts and check class times, customer meetings, children's activities and other calendar appointments with commands.

• Search and browse the Internet Use the voice to search the Internet or specific websites to locate data, numbers, instructions, images to include in tasks and documents, etc. with commands.

• Dictate three times as fast as you can type and in more places
Dictate texts where you usually type in familiar applications and perform revisions by converting text to speech with natural sound and audio playback of your dictation. It is Compatibility with dictation on mobile devices: transcribe the notes captured by a digital recorder or Smartphone. Use the voice to complete online applications, registration forms, purchase verification fields, etc.

Why dragon naturally speaking support is better than others?
To recognize all your words, Dragon Naturally Speaking support only requires a good quality microphone and a previous training, short or long. After installation, you are offered up to twenty fragments extracted from literary works and techniques for you to read, training the Dragon Naturally Speaking support recognition engine. Dragon Naturally speaking support yields spectacular results. it recognizes words at a speed of natural speech; we do not have to speak like robots for Dragon Naturally Speaking support to recognize complex phrases and commands. In case of doubt, it was enough to repeat the word a second time to be recognized instantly. Dragon NaturallySpeaking support not only transcribes what you say through your normal microphone or Bluetooth, but also processes dictations recorded in audio files.

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